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ISC 500 (Zinc Stearate):

Zinc Stearates are insoluble is water. It contains no electrolyte and has a hydrophobic effect. Our crystal clear Zinc Stearate finds application in the plastics and rubber industry where it is used as a releasing agent and lubricant. Main applications of our Zinc Stearate is also mentioned hereunder for clarity.



Synergic Stabilizer for Ba/Cd & Pb Stabilizer systems.

Paint Industry

Gloss Imparting agent

Rubber, Polyurethane, Polyester Industry

Metal Release Agent

Playing Cards Industry

To reduce friction between Cards

Cosmetic Industry

Lubricant to improve texture

Metal Industry

Die Release agent

Tyre Industry

As an activator for rubber vulcanization


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ISC 500 (Zinc Stearate)